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Afrontamentos 6

Beatriz Albuquerque, Carla Cabanas, Edu Pimenta, Joao Cortez, Joao Galrao, João Pedro Rodrigues, João Vilhena, Manuela Pimentel, Nuno Delmas, Pauliana Valente Pimentel , Sónia Carvalho.

Performance CRISE no AMOR de Beatriz Albuquerque, 17h-18h.

Inauguração 17 Julho domingo às 17h.
Até 4 de Setembro de 2011

Palacio da Brejoeira - Viticultores, SA
Pinheiros 4950-660 Monção - Portugal

Live Stream - or

Afrontamentos (Affronts) is a collective project, where several artists will present works created around the matrix "Affronts". This ambiguous concept will take particular visual and conceptual forms, by confronting the public with the several solutions presented. An active, non passive reaction is expected, spanning from amazement, to eroticism, and social reflection.
Afrontamentos problematizes concepts such as intimacy or space. Space, as gallery or cultural space, which can be transformed by different artistic solutions, so as the public, which can be transformed, affronted.
This project aims at an inter action with several cultural spaces, galleries and museums. Two examples of this interaction are, for instance, "Afrontamentos 1", by André Fadrique and Vanessa Muscolino, at Projecto de Vila Nova de Cerveira Gallery, and "Afrontamentos 2", a collective work, at Casa da Guia, Cascais.
This project does not intend to be limited to a physical space, nor to include the same artists all the time. It aims at versatility and continuity, therefore cross-cutting experiences from Northern to Southern Portugal, among the artists and their audience.

(By Maria de Fátima Lambert)

Watch live streaming video from arteadmin at

Watch live streaming video from arteadmin at

Arte Institute - Palácio da Brejoeira - Afrontamentos 6

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